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The Fidelity comprehensive portfolio of products ensures that we service all your
business telecoms needs. Continual monitoring ensures our clients benefit from
the most appropriate and cost effective solution available.

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Calls and Lines

We appreciate how much you rely on your
calls and rented lines. In return, we will
provide you with the best tariff available,
tailored to your business needs to optimise your efficiency
and reduce your costs.

The Fidelity calls and lines promise
  • We use only Tier 1 carriers with business-class call quality
  • You only need to make one call to Fidelity customer services to resolve any issues
  • We provide bills by email, online or on paper together with a range of analysis tools
  • We offer a range of call-barring options so that you can choose to block unwanted outgoing calls and prevent fraudulent calls
  • We will transfer your services seamlessly without new hardware installations or the need for prefix dialling
  • We will save you money on calls without changing your existing telephone numbers
  • We will present you with one convenient, simple bill each month
  • Customers can analyse billing data online 24 hours after calls are made or received
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Unlike other providers, we only serve business customers and we offer all types of services from multiple suppliers.
This means our networks are not congested by home downloaders and gamers. The service is therefore ideal for applications like voice and video which can be QoS (Quality of Service) guaranteed against latency. We can have your new broadband service up and running rapidly (95% within five days) and any faults are handled quickly and efficiently by a fully staffed technical team working seven days a week. We also offer free IP addresses on all our ADSL lines.

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Voice over IP uses the Internet as a backbone thereby eradicating line rental costs and can potentially save up to 40% on local calls and up to 90% on international calls. Also, the sophistication of IP connectivity means you can seamlessly enrich your communications experience by utilising beneficial features such as team conference calling, caller ID, voice mail, call recording, fax to email and local number porting.

The Fidelity VoIP promise
  • For the best quality we connect via providers that
    have direct peering and interconnect arrangements
    with our IP carrier
  • Fidelity VoIP is a quality business-class offering
    that supports standard telecom services, such as
    CLI presentation and access to emergency and
    operator services
  • Free inter-site calls can be made to your
    IP-enabled locations
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Call Solutions

Fidelity has developed a unique and comprehensive portfolio of call handling and call management products that will transform the efficiency and effectiveness of your business. Whether you have a simple one-line application or a complex interactive service, our complete communications management service frees you up to focus on what you do best.any number of IP channels for you. Regardless of where you are based, you can choose to port numbers from a range of geographic locations, e.g. London, Manchester or Edinburgh.

Call Solutions services
  • Call Centre
  • Auto Attendant
  • Call Conferencing
  • Call Recording
  • Online Playback
  • Fax2email
  • Email2fax
  • Follow Me number
  • SMS Broadcasting
  • Queue Manager
  • Time of Day
  • Voice to Email
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Fidelity’s free-phone, low-cost or national rate numbers will help you attract customers, manage your inbound calls, promote your marketing campaigns and measure their effectiveness.

Fidelity numbers
- Freephone number (free to the caller)
- Local Rate number (revenue share available)
- Five ppm Flat Rate number (revenue share available)
- National Call Rate (revenue share available)
- Premium National Rate (revenue share available)
- Premium Rate (revenue share available)
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Mobile Solutions

Fidelity Group has contracted with O2 to offer ‘best of breed’ retail and wholesale mobile network services. Business customers can get access to market leading O2 solutions via Fidelity and take advantage of the full range of other communications services on offer from the Fidelity Group, all on a ´one bill solution´. Wholesale partners can take advantage of Fidelity’s unique and powerful Anvil billing platform which outperforms all rivals in the channel space giving them complete control over their customer billing programmes via an on-line portal.

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