Small firms need to tighten up on security

Small businesses need to do more to make sure their data is safe on PCs connected to the Internet – and should seek of experienced help to make sure that they are properly protected, says the company behind the nationwide fixITlocal network.

According to a recent survey by Panda Security, half of all computers scanned around the globe in January were infected with some kind of malware. The threats found by the company included Trojans, down-loaders, exploits and adware, all of which can be dealt with by standard security software – as long as it is used correctly and kept up to date, notes John Carter, Managing Director of DMSL, the company that manages the fixITlocal network.

“Computer security is easy enough, if you just do the right thing and keep on doing it. For most people, all that means is installing a good anti-malware solution and keeping it right up to date. It’s quite clear that many smaller firms and individuals are not even managing to do that by themselves. Our advice to these businesses would be that, if they are struggling with any aspect of IT security, call in the experts and get some advice. That’s the best way to make sure you are safe.”

A local fixITlocal expert will perform a free systems and security audit for small firms that are unsure if they are fully protected, says Carter. “Even if they think they are OK, it may be worth checking up. Many businesses install software and just leave to run and update itself. But licenses do need to be renewed and upgraded and you do need to make sure that software can be updated with the very latest virus definitions and patches. That should be easy, but some Trojans will turn off security updates and some businesses don’t have reliable connectivity. Users can make mistakes too and inadvertently open back doors onto systems. You can’t be too careful. If in doubt, get it checked.”

The fixITlocal network is a nationwide collective of independent computer resellers and service provider. They offer fast, friendly service on a localised basis and provide effective, affordable IT solutions and services. Every member of the network has experience in advising on and providing computer installation, technical support, PC and network maintenance and servicing of computer and telecoms systems.

There are fixITlocal resellers all over the UK and you can find their nearest member by going to the website at, and making use the post-code checker. Alternatively, they can dial 0844 844 0004 to be put through to their nearest local supplier. All members of the fixITlocal network are experienced, established providers of IT solutions that provide PC health checks, computer repairs and maintenance, IT support and a whole range of additional services to businesses in their local area. They can offer advice on PC networks and Apple Mac systems, on IT security and wireless networking, as well as the latest applications and technologies.

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