Are You Confused About Netbooks, Notebooks, iPads And eReaders?

Sales of the Apple iPad are flourishing and Samsung, Toshiba and other portable makers have similar slate-type models; Amazon’s Kindle eReader has apparently been boosted as a result. But while conventional laptops are still selling well, netbooks are on their way out. Yet Apple has just launched the MacBook Air, which has a very small screen and no internal disk and looks very much like a netbook.

So, if you are in the market for a new mobile device, which do you choose? Which of these devices has the power, the battery life, the resolution, the comms capability and the applications to suit your needs? If you are in any doubt, you should ask an expert, says John Carter, Director of the fixItlocal network.

“There is such a proliferation of different mobile devices out there now – from smartphones to full-blown high-performance multimedia laptops, so it is very easy to become confused about which one is right for you. There was a big boom in netbook sales last year and they are great for portability, but lack the power that some users need. Everyone has been talking about the iPad but that doesn’t have any USB ports and many users might be better off with a Windows-based system. Ordinary business people and users can’t be expected to understand all the differences, so it makes sense to get the advice of someone that has some real expertise and that’s where fixItlocal comes in.”

The fixItlocal network is a nationwide alliance of experienced, independent IT resellers and service companies that provide consultancy and advice on technology, computer support and repair services, help with installation and ongoing maintenance and a wide range of other services to companies in their locality. They can provide all the guidance that small businesses or consumers need on any new technology, says Carter.

“There are a lot of choices around now, not only with regards to mobility, but also on the desktop and on the computer network. Cloud computing, 802.11n WiFi, desktop virtualisation, server consolidation – all these terms will be completely baffling to many smaller businesses. The answer is simple though – ask an expert.”

There are fixItlocal resellers all over the UK and any small businesses can find their nearest member by going to the website at, and making use the post-code checker. Alternatively, they can simply dial 0844 844 0004. All members of the fixItlocal network are experienced, established providers of IT solutions that provide PC health checks, computer repairs and maintenance, IT support and a whole range of additional services to businesses in their local area. They can offer advice on PC networks and Apple Mac systems, on IT security and wireless networking, as well as the latest applications and technologies.

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