Are you getting the broadband service you need?

With so many broadband services and options available now, it’s hard to know which to choose. Are you better off with the standard ADSL service in your area or would a one of the new 21st Century Network services be better? What about the new ‘superfast’ fibre optic services? Is it better to go for individual broadband, telephony and mobile phone services or one of the packages that bundles two or three of these options together into a single contract with the convenience of a single bill?

And whichever service and provider you choose, how do you know that it will be consistently reliable and always provide the bandwidth and quality that you will need to run your business efficiently? It would be no surprise if you are confused about the options and that’s why it pays to get some expert advice. You may be able to get a better service than the one you have now, for the same or a better price. It may be that there are some simple things you can do to improve performance. Or you may benefit from upgrading to one of the new, higher-speed services, although you won’t always get the very highest speeds if you are located some distance from an enabled exchange.

Your nearest fixItlocal reseller will be able to answer these and any other questions you have about broadband an online services. They are part of a UK-wide chain of independent IT experts and advisors who can offer you a whole range of services, from guidance on which PC to buy, to computer repairs and wireless network set-up, technical support and anti-virus and security solutions. They have all the knowledge and experience and they’ll be able to talk you through the different broadband options in plain English.

There are fixItlocal resellers all over the UK and any small businesses can find their nearest member by going to the website at, and making use the post-code checker. Alternatively, they can simply dial 0844 844 0004. All members of the fixITlocal network are experienced, established providers of IT solutions that provide network set-up PC health checks, computer repairs and maintenance, IT support and a whole range of additional services to businesses in their local area. They can offer advice on PC networks and Apple Mac systems, on IT security and wireless networking, as well as the latest applications and technologies.

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