IT providers are urging the UK's small businesses to consider upgrading to the very latest versions of Microsoft Windows and Office. This is because both of the systems will enable increased productivity and flexible working patterns. Both upgrades come with a huge list of benefits and should certainly be considered for your business's computer network.

Good Time for the Switch

Now is a great time for small firms to make the switch as many computer support companies are offering great deals on the upgrades and with all the benefits that such software provides such as increased efficiency, it will pay for itself in no time at all. In the harsh economic climate, small businesses need to be sure that they are cutting cuts wherever they can manage and should take advantage of these great deals now, whilst prices stay low.

Huge Benefits

Microsoft Windows 7 has a lot of benefits. These include making users productive anywhere – you can stay in touch with your clients and carry on with the job in hand wherever you are. The system also improves security and control. Security is always an important issue for small businesses to consider, especially if you keep important or sensitive data on your computer. Windows 7 makes it much easier to protect data and keep it from being lost or stolen. One of the major benefits of installing Windows 7 is that it is incredibly reliable and makes applications run much faster than on previous systems.

Microsoft Office 2010, which can additionally be purchased from good computer support companies also offers a great number of fantastic benefits. These include the ability to store and access files online – you can make Word, Excel and other documents available from a safe and secure link online which allows you to work with your files from anywhere. Another benefit is that it gives employees the ability to work together as teams through the improved collaboration tools.

Now is the time for the UK's small business to invest in these fabulous upgrades – they are the way forward for business software and should be grabbed now while prices are low – they can be purchased from all good computer support companies. These companies can also explain to you the workings of the upgrades and any information you require regarding the running of them.

computer support Companies

computer support companies can also provide your business with a variety of other services such as quality PC and laptop repairs, wireless network installations and virus protection. Many of these companies are made up of top IT professionals – trained experts backed by industry leading bodies. Computers can often breakdown and within small business this can often be a disaster as a great amount of business can be lost. In business time equals money and losing a day’s business can lose you a surprising amount of money. Avoid the risk of this by hiring a local computer support company who can be with you and have your computer fixed within no time at all.

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