Useful Advice On Computer Maintenance

Nowadays using computer technologies has become absolutely necessary for many people. It is difficult to think of any sphere of life in which computer technologies are not used today. The younger generation learns to use computers from the very childhood. Children sometimes learn to type and to surf the Internet even before they learn writing.

Since most people have to use computers daily it is of great importance to keep PCs well maintained and serviced. Computers require permanent attention from users which may include regular computer maintenance, updating of software and getting rid of piled up files. With this in mind, taking regular care of computers in use should become a must for all PC users and it is essential to learn at least several principal aspects of computer maintenance that even people without the knowledge of IT may be able to use.

First of all, it is important to keep PCs clean. There are two basic ways to do it: mechanical cleaning of the mouse and the keyboard and deleting unnecessary files from the hard drive. The frequency of cleaning depends on how often the computer is used. One of the most essential elements of mechanical cleaning is to wipe the keyboard and the screen. If a PC is being used every day for several hours it should be wiped pretty often, at least once or twice a week. As for mechanical cleaning of the mouse and the keyboard, it is not necessary to clean them every week but it is enough to complete this task every two months. On the contrary, if the computer is used rarely and only for a short period of time it shouldn’t be cleaned so often. What concerns the other important aspect of computer maintenance it is a good idea to delete temporary files from the PC from time to time. It’s also helpful to keep the hard drive clean from temporary files that may be created on it after browsing the Internet or installing different programs.

In order to prolong the life of computers proper computer maintenance should be provided. It is important not only to clean PCs but also to be attentive while using them. For instance, major damage to the system may be caused if users turn off the power switch while the computer is still running. This rule should always be remembered and followed. Another vital step to take is to reorganise files on a PC by means of monthly defragmentation. In addition to this, it should become a basic principle for every computer user to regularly upload antivirus software as it helps to keep PCs safe from viruses, worms, malware, spyware and other online threats.

The above mentioned advice on computer maintenance is only basic and one can go on into infinity. Nevertheless, these basic steps to follow may optimise the work of computers and may help avoid common computer problems saving users time, effort and money. People say that it is easier to prevent a problem than to solve an already existing one. This refers to many aspects of life and to computer maintenance as well.

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