The Phenomenal Success Of Facebook

Internet websites are very popular all over the globe. Millions of people can find valuable information about sports, cooking, travelling, computer maintenance and many other topics there. PC users like to shop online, chat or simply surf the web. It is salient that social networks such as Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and My Space have become popular with many PC users from different countries including the US and UK. Facebook is one of the most famous social networks which boasts more than 500 million active users. It might be interesting to explore the phenomenon of the high popularity of Facebook and find out some curious facts about this social network.

The history of Facebook started in 2004 when a former-Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg created it. Originally Facebook was a student network in the University of Harvard. However, the idea spread fast and many universities joined in. Since then Facebook gained high popularity among many people from more than 180 countries. In spite of the fact that Facebook originated in the United States about 70% of its contemporary users live outside the US. It goes without saying that such a huge social network needs proper computer maintenance and support. More than one million of computer developers and entrepreneurs take part in the development of Facebook.

Why is Facebook so attractive? Facebook is popular not only with students and teenagers but also with adults. This social network connects people from many countries facilitating communication between them. Facebook users may share photos and songs, hobbies and interests. Facebook is also free of charge and one can create an account easily and fast. It is worth noticing that finding and adding friends has never been easier. People simply write the name of the person in the Search column and in a couple of seconds Facebook finds that person if he or she is a registered Facebook user. The latest internet technologies together with proper computer maintenance facilitate the work of this social network and help it run smoothly.

New features are added all the time. Now Facebook users can find groups of interests, start online blogs, organise events and play online games. There are many groups that feature not only universities but also famous films, political parties, cities and even celebrities. What is more, one may create an event and invite his or her friend to attend it. An interesting feature of Facebook is blogging. One can write about important events in his or her life, give advice on the variety of topics including computer maintenance, cooking, fishing, sewing, dancing, etc. It is salient that online games have become very popular with PC users all around the globe. Facebook also provides a variety of games for users to while away their free time.

It is salient that the Internet has become very popular all around the world. Social networks are very attractive to many PC users today. Facebook is one of the most famous networks that unites more than 500 million people from more than 180 countries all over the globe. The best developers and entrepreneurs work on the computer maintenance and development of Facebook. The phenomenon is even the centre of the latest David Fincher box office hit and it looks like with time Facebook will only develop further and surprise users with highly original innovations.

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