One of the most taxing and troublesome IT problems both in the workplace and at home for the non IT literate end users is wireless set up. A variety of solutions can be put into place to meet the wireless internet requirements of a specific company or household. Computer companies and ICT providers are often called upon for installation of wireless solutions and for support of existing IT infrastructures. The average business place will most likely require a wireless set up solution to provide a network for both customers and workers. With so many varied solutions to this request, what is the most cost effective solution that will provide the best performance for staff on site? What about the wireless set up security requirements? Is WEP encryption enough for the wireless network or is WPA2 encryption now recommended? What about the signal strength? Wireless set up can raise a lot of questions for a business or home user and without assistance from a reputable local IT company it can be quite an overwhelming and financially costly task. Experienced IT professionals can evaluate the physical and IT infrastructure of a particular office/building/home to quote and advise on the best wireless set up recommended for both cost and performance. For example, some wireless routers and hubs operate on the same frequency as microwaves, meaning at lunchtime that wireless access point near the kitchen could be rendered useless. These unforeseen issues to the inexperienced can be completely avoided with the assistance of an IT support company. Wireless set up isn’t just something that needs to be scoped and quoted for on installation, it also needs to be supported continually to ensure smooth, reliable operation. One of the hardest things to troubleshoot remotely is wireless internet access issues, especially with a lesser skilled IT user. Highly experienced IT experts are required to be able to assist remotely, talking end users through troubleshooting steps in order to get them reconnected to the wireless network. The most common issues experienced with home users are laptops with the wireless detection being physically switched off, routers without power or in need of a reboot or even lost wireless set up password keys. Without a reliable support engineer, these simple issues can often take hours to the inexperienced home user. Companies now, more than ever, rely on reliable, fast IT solutions and network infrastructure to ensure the continued efficient operation of their business. If the phone lines, internet or computers fail, making money suddenly becomes a lot more difficult. By being prepared and finding the right ICT support company the continued operation of all computer systems and internet access can be greatly assisted. The internet is a vital tool in today’s world; a strong, reliable and well maintained wireless set up only increases its availability to all employees and clients. Local IT support companies can be found on the internet that provide both home and business wireless set up solutions. These companies should be evaluated to ensure that they can provide the IT installation that is required, at the right price and within the available budget for the customer.

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