If you work in an office using a computer or laptop, or indeed use one at home, it wasn’t too long ago that we had to rely on dial up internet access through a modem. As we all remember this was painfully slow and tied up the phone line for ages at a time. As with most technology in this modern era it moved on very quickly to separate lines on which the internet superhighway could send information, however at the time this information was neither super nor speedy. Before long, to meet business demand, the use of cable beneath our feet allowed for the swift transfer of data between computers and subsequently people, however we were limited to sitting at our desk to receive it, much like the old phone that you could only move as far as your phone line would travel. This service still remains very much in use today especially for the larger more complex data transfers perhaps between servers, where a wireless set up would be deemed a little too hit and miss. However, having a wireless set up in the workplace has revolutionised the way in which an office or business carries out its day to day operations, the ability to move from space to space with your laptop still connected to the internet is fantastic and meant that impromptu meetings could take place, slick presentations could be shown and of course work and email could be done on the move. A huge trend has arisen over the past five years or so of coffee shops promoting a wireless set up inside. This is effective in encouraging consumers to pop in for a drink and then surf the internet, write emails or whatever they fancy all in the comfort of a welcoming coffee house. The introduction of wireless set up has proven to be extremely useful not only in the business world but also in the home. The majority, if not all, of the service providers of home internet now offer a wireless router with their package, and whether you own a Mac or PC you can simply get online using a wireless receiver or a “dongle” which is either built into your computer or can be attached quite simply. This little gizmo, as you would expect, simply picks up the signal from the router and means that you can have a number of people in one home using the internet all at the same time. Whilst this is great just for home use it is also handy for businesses as a network can be set up incorporating the wireless set up allowing the users to have an intranet service (email service between network users) and shared drive access so person A can access the same documents that person B has written even though they are stored on person C’s hard drive. When using wireless connections, it is vitally important to have the appropriate security precautions in place. So, in conclusion having a wireless set up in your home or in the workplace has opened doors to new ways of both working and using the internet, making online services more accessible than ever before.

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