Say, for example, that you have just invested in a state of the art home computer, paid up in full and have driven it home. You’re pulling it out of the box and getting ready to start the lengthy but rewarding process of connecting everything up to the relevant power sources, before starting to upload all the accompanying software. Fortunately you have some time off so you can spend the day doing it right. Out comes the tower unit, the mouse, the keyboard, the flat screen LCD monitor, the cables, even more cables and finally the AC adapter. You’re nearly there, you have invested in a computer desk too and that is already built, the idea of building that too was too much to think about on top of setting up the computer too, so you bought this one ready made. You start to position your components on the desk and then connect and run the cables from the back of the tower to the relevant hardware so that after a while everything is ready to go, power is on and the monitor flashes into life as does the computer and away you go. Following a series of on screen prompts you slowly and somewhat laboriously get the computer fully functional. A few hours (and many tea breaks) later everything is set up and working. The final piece to the jigsaw is getting the household wireless setting up. If you have a work laptop that you use and it would be great to be able to use this rather than your home computer for work, so you can avoid losing data or having to transfer files all the time. As mentioned you still need to get your wireless setting up. If you’re not entirely sure how it should be done, you may well have to have a look through a directory and find a local computer service centre. A quick call should do it, as you wait on hold you look over the router in front of you getting a feel for the machine so that if the technician asks any questions you can identify the answers quickly. You have already connected your LAN to the router so wireless setting up is well on its way; you just have a few questions to ask the technician before you are fully functional. After discussing the problem with the local computer services they have agreed to pop round to take a look and get your wireless setting up back on track, it wont take long and they have a great deal of experience especially in the field of wireless setting up. Once the router is connected and the laptop has found the signal, all you have to do is pop in the password and you’re fully functional. If you have any other issues with your wireless setting up, you know that you can now simply look online for assistance and with a little care and attention everything will be working as you need it to and there will be no further problems to deal with. It is extremely important to ensure that any wireless internet service is fully protected with the relevant security systems.

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