As someone who relies solely on your computer to make a living, it is imperative that it is fully operational when you need it to be and the worst thing that could happen is that it breaks down just as you are completing a job. Your heart sinks as you know you have a lot of work that you need to get through, of all the days that this could happen today is the worst. So there it is, just sitting in front of you completely unresponsive, you may start to panic or just be taken over by a sense of despair. The thought of having to go to the local internet cafe fills you with dread, there is just no way to concentrate with all those other people checking their emails, screaming down the Skype headsets and sloshing coffee left, right and centre! There is only one thing for it, your going to need to get some computer support pronto, luckily your flat mate has a laptop that she leaves around for you to use just in case so you don’t have to make the trip out the internet cafe, you jump online straight away and search for computer support services in your local area, there are only a few options so you pick up the phone and call for computer support. A helpful voice pipes up at the end of the phone and you try to be polite and friendly but the pressure of work is making you more and more irritable. As you try and explain the problem you are busy searching online for the solution on forums and coming up with a lot of different explanations but nothing that quite provides the solution to your problem. Thankfully the computer support operative is a patient soul and talks you through a number of banal steps that they need to you to put into action. This is to ascertain what the problem is. You impatiently work through his list of requests, all the while thinking you should have called someone else you found through your internet search, but as you complete each of the steps there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel. computer support to the rescue, as following a few more steps brings a flashing light to your previously dark screen. A series of unsettling noises are emitted from the computer in front of you, to you. They sounded like the death throes of your days work but to the computer support operative they were the processing noises of a fixed computer. A few minutes passed and your start up screen appeared, at the same time you felt the weight of dread lifting and slowly realised that your day was not lost but in fact you would be able to get on with all those pressing tasks after all. All because you searched online for computer support and they provided you with the tonic for your sickness in a few short and very effective minutes!

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