Computer Health Checks Can Keep You Happy Computers are our future and have replaced some of the methods of our past. they have given rise to the internet and have made it possible to communicate with each other via electronic mail. They have opened doors to a new world of possibility in film and music and continue to progress and advance with the passing years. This is all well and good if you have loads of disposable income and can afford to upgrade your computer every year. However, not all of us do and with it being the credit crunch and VAT soon to rise to 20%, expensive purchases such as a new computer may have to take a back seat for a while. So, back to the trusty old laptop, hey it’s done you proud so far but it is starting to creak a little and the fan is very noisy and when you try and do more than one thing at a time it just gives up the ghost and packs in for ten minutes. So how do we lick it back into shape? Well it’s always a good idea to give your computer a good old computer health check once in a while; the reason being is that it will eventually become cluttered. Allow me to explain, as the computer performs tasks such as opening programmes and storing data it needs to move items around to complete the task, these items go into what is known as the physical memory or RAM, the more RAM you have the faster the CPU and OS (operating system) can process the tasks at hand. Once things become cluttered and your hard drive becomes overloaded with information your computer finds it a very laborious task to do just about anything. You are then advised to give it a computer health check what this means is that there are a number of functions that will help you to free up space on your hard drive as well as organise and process your files and folders better. Much like the human brain it likes organisation and gets stuck if there is too much clutter, so clear the desk and sort the files then you can start to get things done. You can of course reboot the entire system and this will return it to its factory or default settings, as if new, then you will need to put the OS back on and add in any programmes that you use. Getting a computer health check done is fairly simple and there are a number of websites that will go above and beyond the normal OS clean up. Simply perform an internet search for computer health check and you will be sure to find all sorts of different software options offering to clean up your computer and get it working quicker and smarter for you. Remember to shop around, your OS may have a downloadable version of a computer health check that you can have for free, then once you have downloaded it you will be ready to get you computer back up and running.

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