PC health check should be mandatory

If you want your PC to provide the highest level of performance, undertaking a regular PC health check is definitely recommended. Much in the way that you would put your car in for a regular tune up and service, having your PC looked at should ensure it performs in the way you would expect it to.

One of the important things to remember is that you can really improve the PC operating system and how quickly it runs by keeping a reasonable amount of its storage space free. If you are able to keep around 20% of the drive free, it should run more efficiently. There are many ways in which you can free up space on your drives. If you have unwanted photos, music files or documents, it may be preferable to delete them, freeing up space. Alternatively, you may wish to archive the data on an external hard drive or a writable CD. This is a basic element of the PC health check and definitely something which will make a big difference to how your PC operates.

You may have heard of the term ‘defragging’ (defragmenting) before, but perhaps you don’t quite know what it means. In simple terms, it means tidying up and putting things back in their rightful place. A hard drive can become very disorganised, with its files separated into different parts and elements. These chunks can be stored in different places on the disc, meaning it takes longer for your PC to retrieve all of the elements and load your file or program. ‘Defragging’ moves the data around and places it all together in a logical order. This will increase the speed your computer is able to find files and load programs. Again, a PC health check will pay particular attention to ‘defragging’ and the results should make a noticeable difference to how your computer operates.

The internet is a major reason why many people own PCs and they spend a lot of their PC time surfing the web. Many people may not realise, but every time they load up a webpage, their browser will save it on to their hard drive. The reason for this is that it should ensure it loads up quicker the next time a person visits that site. Depending on the site or how many sites are visited, this can become very large so many people should consider deleting their cache, or temporary internet files. Including this in the process of a PC health check should clear up a considerable amount of space on your hard drive.

Depending on your level of computer know-how and your confidence, these tasks may feel as though they are daunting and confusing. They are simple enough to perform for those with some background knowledge, but if you are uncertain of any of the steps you need to take, it may be best to leave it to the experts to perform. It should be possible to have a PC health check carried out by a local IT expert. Whether you find one online or know them from contacts or acquaintances, they will be able to get your PC up to speed and running at its optimum pace in no time at all.

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