If you work in an office then you will more than likely be accustomed to using a computer for pretty much the whole of your working day. The reason being is that in this modern age, speed and efficiency is key and the computer can offer unrivalled service. It is of vital importance for all people to have a decent grasp of how to use a computer and the programmes loaded onto it.

Without this knowledge and understanding it can be very difficult to get a job in your chosen sector. As we learn to use computers, they in turn become more and more advanced; in turn we must learn new skills and techniques in order to embrace these changes.

One of the big leaps forward in the last 10 years has been the dawn of the internet, you may remember when it first started, but looking at it now it is obvious to see that what started as a little project all those years ago has evolved into one of the most important technical changes of the last century. The Internet continues to grow and grow and many countries now provide their citizens and business with high speed broadband Internet as standard. Another feature that has been use in the work place for many years but has only recently come into practice within the home is the wireless set up.

The wireless set up has allowed those who use their computers at home to be free to roam around their homes without needing to be connected to the LAN or phone line. This is not the only advantage of the wireless set up, it also allows for more than one user to access the Internet through what is known as a wireless router. The wireless set up allows the Internet signal to be transmitted through the router to the computers that are WIFI ready in the home.

Used in abundance in the working world, the wireless set up here consists of a larger network being set up and run from a server, this connects all the computers in the office space so that internal communication is streamlined, information is available from a central hub and working practices are quick and efficient.

If you were to go out today and purchase a Laptop, Notebook, or Netbook you will be sure to find that they all have an inbuilt wireless receiver. The older models required what is known as a dongle, this is essentially a wireless receiver that runs through the USB port of your computer.

Think about when you take your laptop with you on the train. You can pick up the wireless signal from the train simply by turning on your computer and this is all down to the wireless set up, coffee shops, bars and restaurants all boast this facility now and it is becoming the norm, the must have, you are considered behind the times if you don’t have wireless set up in your home or place of work.

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